10 Ways To Market Your Online Business For Free

Marketing online can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be! In this blog post, we'll show you ten ways to market your online business for free. You may not think that these strategies will work because they're "free," but just wait until you see the results.

Your online business will skyrocket when people start finding out about all of the great things you offer. And as a bonus, these free marketing tips are easy and don't take up much time at all.

#1 Create A Website With Wix

Wix has everything that you need to create a professional online presence. And it's all free! (Some paid features are available, but they're not necessary for marketing your online business.)

You can sign up with Wix or just fill out the form on their homepage and start creating your website now. For those who don't want to go through the hassle of signing up, this is an easy option if you already have some basic web skills.

Why We Recommend This Strategy: Creating a professional online space will help grab people's attention right away when they visit your site for the first time. It also makes it easier for them to find out about your online business, products, and services.

#2 Use Social Media To Get The Word Out About Your Business

You can use social media to get the word out about your online business for free. You have several options, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Create a professional-looking profile with pictures of your products or services as well as links back to your site where people can learn more information about what you offer and how they too could benefit by using it.

First things first: create an online presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and others that may apply to your industry.

Keep in mind: The number one goal is not selling anything - rather, it's developing relationships! Share content related to your online business but don't be afraid if some posts are geared towards self-promotion either (after all, that's what online marketing is all about).

#3 List On Google My Business (Local Business Listing)

Google is one of the best online marketing tools you can use. It would be best if you listed your business on Google My Business (GMB) which is free and provides more exposure to potential customers searching online for you in their local area. GMB listings also appear on third-party search engines like Bing, Yahoo! or Ask if they have already crawled that data from the internet, so take advantage of it before somebody else does!

Listing a business with Google will not only increase customer foot traffic; it could indirectly drive online sales as well because people looking up companies locally might be interested in buying products online too.

You can add a Google Maps Listing to your GMB listing. This lets people find directions online and gives them store hours - two valuable pieces of information for potential customers who are planning their day.

#4 Utilize Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Utilize search engine optimization techniques to attract online customers. Include key phrases and keywords in your online content that result in the best online visibility, for instance, by using relevant tags on social media posts. This will help you rank higher on SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages, leading to more traffic and better prospects.

Build an SEO website with a focus keyword - this is important because it allows potential clients to find you when searching online for services like yours.

Include meta descriptions and title tags, so Google knows what your page is about.

#5 Create A Mailing List

A free and effective online marketing strategy is to create a mailing list. This will allow you to keep in touch with your future customers and give them offers they can't refuse.

To start building this online asset, ask everyone who purchases or signs up for an account on your website about their email address. It would be best if you also offered the option of signing up when people are checking out online.

Be sure to include a link that encourages customers to sign up for notifications from you if they are interested in news and offers about the products or services being offered on the site. You can also send out an occasional email newsletter with content like articles, images of new arrivals, contests, and more.

Wix Email Marketing is the easiest and most powerful way to use email marketing strategies. As a free user, you can send 3 campaigns per month with up to 5,000 recipients at once on your first day of usage!

Wix has made it incredibly easy for users by creating an intuitive interface that's as simple as following step-by-step instructions in order to create beautiful emails quickly and easily. Choose from hundreds of templates or design one online using advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop CC & Illustrator CC—or upload your own images directly into WIX Editor. You'll be able to grab attention without breaking the budget.

#6 Search For And Join Relevant Communities On Linkedin, Facebook, And Twitter

Search for online communities focused on your topic and join them. Engage with the community by sharing relevant content, asking questions, and commenting on posts in a way that adds value to other members of the conversation.

Consider creating an online presence specific to each online community you've joined so others can easily find you when they're looking for someone like you. For instance, if I wanted my company blog URL to show up on LinkedIn when people search for "marketing consultant in San Diego, California," I would add it as a field above my name within their settings tab.

#7 Write Blog Posts To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Write blog posts about your online business, including topics like "How to Make a Living with an Online Business" or "Basic Blogging Tips." When you write new content for the blog post, include keywords and phrases relevant to the online business. These words will help get your article indexed by search engines and rank higher in their searches than others who don't take these steps.

Include links back to your website on each of these articles as well as any other sites where there is good information available so readers can learn more from sources outside of yours when they find it necessary. This keeps them engaged with you because they know that if they need more information, all they have to do is click one link away from both you and your online business.

Constantly update these articles with new information as it becomes available to keep them from getting stale in readers' eyes, which will make you look outdated or unprofessional.

You have all year round to come up with ideas for blog posts, so don't be limited by what's happening now; think about what people are likely to search for online next month too!

#8 Offer A Free Product Or Service To Customers

Studies show that customers who are offered a free product or service can be persuaded to buy more online.

There are many ways you could offer your online business for free such as:

  • Free shipping with orders over $100

  • Offer an online coupon code on social media, print ads, and even at brick and mortar locations. For example, "Receive 20% off when you use the promo code CELEBRATE online."

  • Give away a limited edition new release eBook by offering it exclusively through email sign-ups or promotions only available during certain times of the year like Black Friday sales season. Be sure to include countdown timers, so people know how long they have before the sale is no longer active

Whatever you offer, be sure to get the customer contact information so you can continue to get in touch with them later.

#9 Create A Branded Email Signature

Using a branded email signature is one of the simplest online marketing strategies to employ. Your email signature should include your name, company logo, and a link back to your online business website or blog. This helps to promote your online business with every outgoing email passively.

Use a branded online signature for all correspondence via social media, online forums, and comments so that your online identity is consistent across the internet.

Create an online petition asking people to sign up to receive updates from you about new content or products in return for their contact details. Remember when creating this type of campaign to have express consent on any form requesting personal data such as email address or phone number before proceeding with the request. This will help avoid spam complaints from users who are unaware of what they are signing up for. Create a link back to your website homepage where they can click through and unsubscribe if they wish after receiving the first update message.

#10 Add An Online Contact Form On The Homepage Of Your Website

When visitors have questions about products/services they see online, many will prefer filling out an online contact form instead of calling you by phone or sending in an offline message through the mail. It's best if this online contact form is located right on the homepage for easy access and convenience sake.

Wrapping It Up

We've given you 10 of the best ways to market your online business for free. Remember that you can use a lot of these strategies in tandem, so don't be afraid to mix and match them until you find the perfect marketing plan for your company.

If any of this sounds too complicated or time-consuming, we offer consultations with our team of SEO experts who specialize in digital marketing strategy and have helped hundreds of businesses grow their revenue by using powerful yet easy-to-use tools like Wix or Google My Business Listing. Contact us today if what you need is some personalized help crafting an effective online advertising campaign.

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